03 April 2018

Healthcare and Life Science sector: Valuable insights shared by high-caliber guest speakers

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In the frame of the course “Strategic Restructuring in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector” , conducted by Dr. Emmanuel Alexandrakis, two leading experts will give  presentations with an open discussion on the developments, critical issues and challenges of the Healthcare sector, at the premises of the MBA International.

speaker 1

More specifically on the 11th of April 2018, Dr. Agis Tsouros, Former Director of Policy and Governance for Health and Wellbeing at the World Health Organization (WHO) and current Secretary General in World Institute for Cities Diplomacy and International Adviser in Global Healthy Cities, will focus his presentation on the following key questions:

-Why has our understanding of health changed dramatically in the past 40 years?

-What are the critical issues, values and concepts that should underpin the framing of 21st century health development policies and strategies?

-What are the imperatives of global health and sustainable development?

-What are the key features of modern health systems according to the WHO European Strategy for Health and Wellbeing-Health 2020?

speaker 2

Following Dr. Tsouros’ insightful presentation, on the 16th of April 2018, Dr. Platon Peristeris, Consultant in Pharmaceuticals and ex Medical Director, MSD Greece, Cyprus and Malta, will introduce attendees to Biologics & Biosimilars. Biologic therapies and the Biosimilars markets will be presented as one of the current major areas of interest of the pharma industry but also of other key stakeholders of the Health sector such as payors and patients. The topics of pricing, Greek biosimilar policy, patient registries, therapeutic protocols and patient access to biologic medicine will be explored and an interactive discussion session will follow.

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