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Join the i-MBA Alumni Association and tap into a dynamic network of accomplished professionals. Elevate your career through exclusive opportunities, mentorship, and collaborative ventures. Benefit from a community committed to shared success, where experiences are exchanged, and connections thrive.

Together, we shape the future of business leadership!

How to become a member of the i-MBA Alumni Association

User registration is required first in order to become a member of the i-MBA Alumni Association. You may proceed with the registration by clicking the here.

Benefits and privileges of becoming a member of the i-MBA Alumni Association

Becoming a member will enable you to get the full experience of being part of the i-MBA Alumni Association community, take part in its activities, enjoy the services offered, and play a pivotal role in its expansion.

Perks of being a member

  • Alumni Prime Card:  The Alumni Prime Card provides members with discounts on vendors, healthcare providers and retailers.

  • Special offers on our partnered companies

  • Member exclusive access to Alumni networking events

  • Member exclusive access to seminars, workshops, and conferences

  • Access to the Back to School Program where alumni can take courses that weren't available or weren't able to take when studying the program.

  • Voting Rights As a registered member, you are able to vote and be voted in the annual Board of Directors elections.

Subscription Prices

Current Students*

One-year subscription: 10 € 

Graduated Students - Alumni

  • Registration to Alumni Association: 10 € (1-time fee)

  • One-year subscription: 10 €

*There is no registration fee for current cohorts

Lose no time. Register now!


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