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07 July 2020

Alumni Association Board Elections 2020 - Candidates Profiles

Chatzitzotzia Konstantina – PT19


 Energetic Chemical Engineer with 14 years experience in Sales departments of Pharmaceutical companies. Enjoys working with people and supporting them to accomplish their goals in the most efficient way. A passionate team player with a strong scientific background who aims to add value to everything she does and constantly seeks for personal and professional development.

She also loves sports (she has been playing volleyball since she was 10 and is an active member of beach-volleyball teams since 2005). She also finds peace and pleasure while hiking and spending time doing activities in nature!

She believes that with Team-work miracles can be achieved and through her last year's experience in the iMBA Alumni Board she can empower the Alumni spirit and active operations!


Fine Stella – PT20

Stella’s BSc and iMBA degrees have been completed at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Stella specializes in logistics management, workflow optimization, and efficiency improvement. She has lived for long periods in three different countries of the European continent, due to this fact she speaks three foreign languages.

Her strengths are conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, creativity, and openness to experience. She embraces values such as personal integrity, mutuality, and excellence. She enjoys working in teams and one of her strongest beliefs is that outstanding results materialize through collaborative activities. She finds freedom in music and among the rest, she is also focused on raising her daughter.

She would love to be part of the iMBA Alumni Association Board in order to empower its role and to continue adding value to the iMBA degree for the years to come.


Gkotzia Maria – FT20


Kalabalikis Thisseas – PT19

Excited by interacting with people, an entrepreneurial mindset, and also a Marathon runner. More than 12 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, in Retail & FMCG. During his career, he worked for McKinsey & Company, LEGO Group, and Public. Launched 2 startup companies and currently working at P&G as E-commerce Account Manager.

Thisseas obtained his BSc in Computer Science and Information Systems and his MBA degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business (International MBA).

His aspiration for alumni association is to co-ordinate a strong network of talented people and leave a vivid footprint.


Kalaitzakis Emmanouil – PT20

Manolis grew up in Chania, Crete. Graduating from high school he moved to Thessaloniki to attend the Electrical and Computer Engineering program at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Upon graduation, Manolis moved to Austin, TX to attend the Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin. With the completion of his studies in Texas, Manolis accepted an offer from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas where he worked for 5 years. He returned to Greece in 2012 and is currently the Managing Director of Viener SA, the energy unit of Viohalco, which is one of the largest industrial groups in Greece and a major exporter of manufactured goods.

Manolis attended the iMBA program at Athens University of Economics and Business (PT20) with a Finance major and is soon to graduate with Highest Honors. Having gained tremendous value from the program, Manolis would like to give back through his participation in the iMBA Alumni Association Board. He believes that his passion for the iMBA, combined with his academic experience from a top program in the United States, will enable him to make important contributions to the program. Furthermore, he thinks that it is important for the iMBA Alumni Association to adopt a holistic approach in moving the program forward; an approach that will simultaneously address matters related to academic life, networking, lobbying, and of course to the association itself. Manolis strenuously advocates that actions such as upgrading the association website, increasing membership, stimulating engagement of the alumni, reinstating the Loutraki camp, getting in touch with alumni associations of MBA programs in Greece and abroad, and communicating to the Ministry of Education roadblocks that are stopping the program from achieving its full potential, should all be among the priorities of the new board. 

Having recognized the impact that the program had on his professional development, Manolis would love to be given the opportunity to be part of the iMBA Alumni Association Board and assist in the effort to push the program towards achieving new standards of excellence.


Katsarou Marianna – PT19

Marianna completed her undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and continued with an MSc Degree from Cardiff University in Environmental Design of Buildings. Upon returning to Greece she was employed in various industries including technical consulting and renewables and is currently working as a project manager in an exporting construction firm. In 2018, she graduated from the International MBA program of AUEB which revealed a new perspective in her business view leading her to actively get involved in the marketing and operations of the family business in retail cosmetics. For the last 3 years, she is volunteering in Job Pairs as an account manager helping young graduates to enter the job market.

She does believe that there is great room for enriching the iMBA Alumni Association’s services and therefore the value of the program overall. After all, the measurement of the effectiveness of an academic program should be the successes of its alumni. Alumni are not ‘’second-class’’ citizens after graduation.

No need to reinvent the wheel, it only takes will power and determination to ‘’revive’’ the Association. Some simple steps to start:

- Ask directly the alumni to give feedback about their expectations from the association.

- Directories: A thorough map of the alumni professional development and current job positions

- Ambassadors per industry who can provide knowledge and networking opportunities – increase a sense of lobby of iMBA

- Alumni members providing mentoring to graduates

- More active social media activity

- Most importantly, to remind the school that a mutually beneficial partnership with alumni is the ultimate factor for the future value of the program.


Konstantos Konstantinos – PT19

Konstantinos is a seasoned management consultant with more than 10 years of experience, focused on helping firms achieve their business goals. He currently works as a Manager in the Strategy & Operations practice of KPMG in Greece. In the past, he has worked for E.J. Papadopoulos, PWC, EY, and IRI's Analytics Center of Excellence.

Konstantinos obtained his BSc in Informatics from the University of Piraeus and his MSc in Business Mathematics from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He was a part of the PT19 cohort during his iMBA journey, where he graduated as a valedictorian.

His vision for the Alumni Association revolves around the increase of the number of active Alumni Association members and the strengthening of their ties, in order to feel really connected and be able to increase their ROI. Additional targets of his service include close collaboration with the career office for further utilization of its role and consultation with the program director for contributing to the academic offering of iMBA.


Kosmas Anastasios – PT20


Nathanail Kyriakos – PT19

Kyriakos is a trusted professional with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry and an entrepreneurial mindset, constantly seeking – or creating – blue oceans, currently working in the pharmaceutical industry, in the field of Oncology (PC).

He has a proven track record of serving at an educational board as, during his Biomedical Engineering (BME) MSc degree at TU Delft, The Netherlands, he sat at the board of education of his department as commissioner for student affairs. Achievements during that era, among various networking events, include an educational visit to Philips Laboratories and the MEDICA exhibition in Dusseldorf.

 Kyriakos is on a constant crusade to conquer with business solutions that are based on integrity and sustainable growth while striving on the "life"-side of his understanding of "work-life balance", by perpetually getting involved in (non) business-critical projects and training that quench his urge for life-long learning.   One such example is the formation of a diverse team of professionals (along with another colleague from iMBA PT19) that participated in the Global Business Challenge of the University of Queensland and QUT, Australia, in 2018, to address the issue of smart cities.

 His professional interests include employee excellence, branding for internal stakeholders, and professional engagement founded on gamification principles.


Shakhverdieva Sabina – PT5


Project and Events Manager. Executive-level MBA. An active member of the International Sports Olympic Network.

Education/ MBA from Athens University of Economics and Business/ Olympic Researcher IOC, International Olympic Academy/Ph.D. Candidate in Sports Sciences/Bachelor in Translation. Expertise

in Project Management, Sports Innovation, Human Resources Management, Tourism, Events, Eastern Europe, Soviet, Ancient Greek Culture, and Languages. Language Skills and Cultural Background/ multicultural background living in three different countries. Citizen of Greece. Russian Native Speaker with professional University studies in English, Greek, and French.

Participant in International Congresses, Forums and Events. ISC, HYPE, IOA, Olympic Games Athens 2004 etc. Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics and prize-winner of various tournaments. Twice Winner of Nemean Games.

Professional Skills: International Sports Cultural Olympic Events and Tourism Manager, HYPE 2018 Sports Innovation Moscow, Athens 2004 OCOG, MBA Program Advisor, Coordinator and Researcher at IOA, Project Manager Erasmus European Programs in Sports Integrity.


19 July 2019

The impact of the 16th i-MBA Career Fair in numbers

Posted in NEWS

The 16th annual i-MBA Career Fair, which is organized annually by the i-MBA Career Office with the cooperation of the i-MBA Alumni Association, was held with great success on Wednesday 29th of May 2019 at the Divani Caravel Hotel. The event was conducted with the important support from Plaisio Computers S.A., ALPHA BANK, Robert Bosch S.A., and The Nielsen Company, who were the Gold Supporters of the event and by Johnson & Johnson Hellas Commercial and Industrial S.A. and Lidl Hellas & SIA Ο.Ε. who were also Supporters of the Career Fair. The event was strongly communicated through epixeiro.gr, Global Sustain, kariera.gr, skywalker.gr and ΣΤΕΝΤΟΡΑΣ who were the Communication Sponsors of the Fair.

It has been almost two months after this year’s annual i-MBA Career Fair and the first data regarding the evaluation of the event and the results of the recruitment process are now ready to be published! More specifically, 82 students and alumni and 37 companies attended the event. Companies were classified per sector as the chart below:



According to the feedback given both from both companies and candidates, regarding the event, there was a very high level of satisfaction. More specifically, 95% of the companies rated the profile of candidates as excellent or very good and 85% of candidates agreed that the Career Fair met their expectations.

To read the original article you can also follow the link to the i-MBA website: https://imba.aueb.gr/the-impact-of-the-16th-i-mba-career-fair-in-numbers/




12 June 2019

i-MBA students will participate at the International Final of the Global Management Challenge with the support of PwC Greece

On the 20th of May, 2019, students of the TOPAZ Management Simulation course were welcomed at the headquarters of PwC Greece in Athens by Marios Psaltis, CEO and Ilias Kapoutsis, instructor of the course, for the announcement of the winning team. Students of the TOPAZ Management Simulation course formulated teams of 3-4 students and worked on the Global Management Challenge software, as business owners of a virtual company, with the objective of getting the highest Investment Performance. Throughout the simulation course each team had to design and implement the company’s strategy for 5 consecutive business quarters and decide upon 66 operating issues. Students really enjoyed being in the driver’s seat of their own virtual companies, taking decisions and adjusting their strategy accordingly.

This year, the Fortuna team, which consisted of Constantina Batsari, Alexandra Jones-Apatzidou, Katerina Iatropoulou and Nikos Reppas, was the winning team by reaching the highest share price at 1.665. Fortuna team will be participating in the International Final of the Global Management Challenge, the largest Strategy and Management Competition, which will be conducted in Ekaterinburg, Russia (5-7th of July, 2019) with the important support and funding of PwC Greece.


The members of the winning team with Marios Psaltis, CEO at PwC and Ilias Kapoutsis, instructor of the course TOPAZ Management Simulation

20 May 2019

i-MBA 16th Annual Career Fair

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The MBA International program of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) in collaboration with the i-MBA Alumni Association, organizes its 16th annual Career Fair on Wednesday, 29th of May 2019 with the participation of some of the biggest multinational and Greek companies. The event will begin at 10.00 am and will finish approximately at 6.00 pm. For the last 15 years MBA International Career Fair has connected experienced professionals and entry level talented individuals with some of the biggest companies in Greece.


With strong and diverse academic and professional background and skills that are instilled at the program’s curriculum (leadership skills, strategic thinking, international exposure, ability to leverage technology and achieve high level results, etc), our students and alumni fulfil the diverse needs of companies of all sectors, and have proven to be a strong asset for them. This is proven also by last year Career Office’s statistics according to which 94% of the students have jobs within 6 months of graduation (Career statistics 2018).

By increasing employment opportunities for the students and alumni of the program and by offering a wide choice for selection to recruiters, this event has been established as one of the most successful and effective Career Events for both participating companies, students and alumni of the Program.


Participation is open exclusively to i-MBA students and alumni.


Plaisio Computers S.A., Alpha BankRobert Bosch S.A.  and The Nielsen Company (Greece) S.A. are the Gold Supporters of this year’s Career Fair, while Johnson & Johnson Hellas Commercial and Industrial S.A. and Lidl Hellas & SIA Ο.Ε. are also supporting the event.

The communication sponsors of the event are epixeiro.grGlobal Sustainkariera.grskywalker.gr and ΣΤΕΝΤΟΡΑΣ.

12 May 2019

Back-to-school Program 2019

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The upcoming ‘Back-to-school’ is now on! Deadline date: 15.5.2019

Back-to-School  is an incredible opportunity to join the MBA International current students in an elective course of your interest from those that are being announced by the program.


  1. Business to Business Marketing…..max 5 seats
  2. Financial Markets and the Economy.....max 10 seats
  3. Energy Economics & Management.....max 10 seats
  4. International Marketing..... max 10 seats
  5. International Negotiations.....max 5 seats
  6. Mergers and Acquisitions.....max 10 seats
  7. Network Analysis for Managers and Analysts.....max 5 seats
  8. Project Finance.....max 10 seats

In case that you are interested in attending the courses please inform the program officer, Anastasia Diamantopoulou by sending an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.the latest till Wednesday, 15/05/2019.

Please note that all paying Alumni members are entitled to two free Back-to-School courses in the three years following their graduation and that seats are reserved on a first served basis. If you have not renewed your subscription or you have exhausted the availability of the 2 free courses, your participation will incur a cost of 200 € per course.

 In case that you are eligible for free participation, please follow these simple steps to book your seat(s):

1. Make sure that you have an active subscription at the iMBA Alumni Association (to register and pay the annual membership fee please visit: http://www.i-mbalumni.com/component/rsform/form/3-aueb-mba-international-alumni-association-registration-form )

2. To claim a participation please send an e-mail at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating your full name as well as the year that you graduated from the iMBA the latest till next Wednesday, 15/05/2019.

To read more about 'Back-to-school' program, please click here.


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