01 November 2017

'Back-to-school' program

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Do you miss specialized knowledge on a particular subject and you are interested into attending a seminar related to it? Either you target at enhancing your professional competencies or your own personal development, the MBA International program has something great to offer:  

Are you aware of ‘Back-to-School’ launched by MBA International program?

Back-to-School is an incredible opportunity to join the MBA International current students in an elective course of your interest from those that are being announced by the program.

The program is open each minimester to a certain number of Alumni. All participants take a certificate of attendance.

Back-to-School was first launched in 2011. Since then, several alumni have attended valuable courses including the below:

  •    Project Finance
  •    Geopolitics & Business
  •    International marketing
  •    Social Networks Analytics
  •    Management of Change
  •    Project Management
  •    International Negotiations

       …and many more.

For each minimester, and approximately one month prior to the beginning of the courses, the alumni are notified about the courses available (i.e., the courses that have room for some additional students). The seats are limited, therefore next time be prepared to check early the offered courses as well as the schedule and register as soon as possible by getting in contact with the program officer, Metaxenia Konstantinidou.

And now that you are fully updated about Back-to-School, here is the best part: As the iMBA Alumni Association constantly aims at creating value for its members, we will offer FREE participation in the Back-to-School program to all iMBA Alumni Association members that have an active subscription, or that register and pay their annual membership fee before the Back-to-School elective of your interest starts. The cost of each Back-to-School course is else 200 Euros.

More precisely, in collaboration with Professors Soderquist and Ioannou, and the Program Steering Committee, we have concluded on the following:

  •    All paying members are entitled to two free Back-to-School courses in the three years following their graduation. For example, if you graduated in December 2016, you can take two free electives over the academic years 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20. This under condition of course that you continue paying the annual membership fee in the subsequent years!
  •    Currently and subsequently paying members that graduated in 2014 or before are entitled to two free Back-to-School courses over the academic years 2017-18 and 2018-19.
  •    From the cohorts graduating in 2018 and onwards, subsequently paying members will be entitled to two free back to school courses in the three years following the graduation.
  •    Due to the specific conditions and logistics of each course of the Program, the list of the courses that are part of the Back-to-School program are announced from the secretariat before each period begins. Seats are reserved on a first served basis. Please note that the courses “Project Management” and “Online Marketing & Communications” cannot be part of the for free offer.

Finally, please also note that the MBA International Alumni Association fee is payable on a running basis, and that membership is valid one year from the registered date of payment.



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