General Advice

General Advice

  • Do not just copy standard CV samples! Your CV should be made by your own and personalised.
  • Yours CV must be easy to read, short and attractive.
  • A CV should be well laid out and printed on a good quality printer, using A4 white paper.
  • Try to use not more than two sheets of paper.
  • Do use bold and/or underline print for headings. Consider using 'bullets' to start sub-sections or lists.
  • The paragraphs should be emphasised by using enough white space between them. Do not forget to stress the border of the pages, also by using white space.
  • Do use the spell-check on your computer.
  • You could add a photo of yourself - either scanned in by computer, or stuck on. But make sure it is a good one.
  • What you have written may seem simple and obvious to you, but not to an employer! Go through it again and again making it more readable and more understandable!
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Congratulations!! Let's see some more success stories...