Our i-MBA innovates once again, this time in eBusiness curriculum

on Monday, 04 June 2012. Posted in OUR BLOG

It's the first in Europe offering SEO, Web Analytivs, CPC, Conversion, etc full-time lessons

Wouldn't you sometimes wish that you took our iMBA classes once again? If not, you will probably wish it now...

MBA International will offer to all new students, starting from September 2012, access to top full-time eBusiness & on-line marketing courses, such as:

- eBusiness marketing fundamantals

- Web Analytics

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Pay per Click (PPC)

- Social Media

- eCommerce conversion

- on-line PR

Teaching to these great subject will take place through advanced eLearning systems, so that students can learn on their own pace and repeat the lectures as often as they want within a given time-frame. The teaching process also includes tests based on quick multiple choice questions and extra certificates are also awarded to students.

Industry gurus & autthors of top-selling books will be teaching these subjects, such as as Avinash Kaushnik, Digital Marketing evangelist of Google and author of 'Web Analytics 2.0', Bryan Eisenberg, author of 'Always Be Testing' & 'Call to Action", Brad Gedes, author of 'Advanced Google Adwords', and others.


I-MBA is the first MBA in Europe to offer this unparallel access and cutting edge curriculum and training for SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Adwords, On-line PR, etc.

This achievement took place by partnering with Market Motive, a US-based top training organization for eBusiness & on-line marketing courses and the Be eBusiness blog, the authorized Market Motive Reseller in the Balkans & Turkey.

Please find in the file attached the full press release and more details (plus the detailed syllabus) in the links provided.

Well done to our iMBA!

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    06 June 2012 at 09:43 |
    Well there's a good reason to go back to school. It's great to see such initiatives happening within this pessimistic period we are going through and a great added value to our degree. Congratulations to everybody. I'm sure it will be a great program.

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Leonidas Pitsikas

13. May, 2015 |

Nice posting Serafeim. I think that most of the article is dealing with a major problem we are facing during the crisis years: an...


06. June, 2012 |

Well there's a good reason to go back to school. It's great to see such initiatives happening within this pessimistic period we are going...

Angelos Kastrisianakis

19. May, 2012 |

There you go! There's always a good reason to party, but tonight we will celebrate the efforts and the success of our Sailing Team! You...

Ioannis Trialonis

09. April, 2012 |

Congratulations!! Let's see some more success stories...