mission-visionVision Statement

The vision of the i-MBAlumni Association is to create a sense of identity and unity to all the past and future graduates to come. This is achieved through the maintenance of a link, an open channel of communication, amongst us, the Academic Community, the Professional Market and the Society as a whole. In this constantly enlarging team, each one of us will and should attain a sense of pride and added value in being a member.

Mission Statement

The means of achieving our goal were set so as to accustom each member's field of interest, need or wish. This resulted in the following role-oriented management, where each elected representative of the i-MBAlumni Association has his/her field of responsibility and set task to carry out.

Academic: Το work closely with all stakeholders in order to give our members the opportunity to excel their knowledge and skills and maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace by providing flexible solutions of continuous training.

Career: The Association, having faith on the qualities and skills of the Master program graduates, is committed in providing them with updated and valued employment information. This on-going mission will be powered by the network of our members - who will be initiating the information flow - and by maintaining excellent relations with HR departments of dynamic corporations and head hunting firms – which will anticipate hiring our graduates.

IT: Create a Web site to act as a central point for all the members, improving communication among members and enhancing lobbying and networking activities.

Marketing: Assist in the establishment of the Alumni Association's identity.
Retain and enlarge the popularity of the i-MBAlumni Association as well as intermediate between other fields of responsibility in order to save effort and time.

Networking: Establish a chain of communication, cooperation, trust and socialization among the i-MBAlumni members (Greek and foreign graduates). Reveal to the i-MBAlumni members all potential benefits that stem from network externalities: the more links of a chain, the stronger it becomes. Identify and promote win-win situations that may offer benefits to the membership of the I-MBAlumni community.

Publications: Our Members' knowledge is our power to be shared and distributed developing as a knowledge base within our community. The given knowledge will include contents in various Business and Academic fields published on the site or other media, consistent to the i-MBAlumni Philosophy which is to "Give Value to Members". Our Newsletter is an additional tool and point of reference we intend to succeed a dynamic and active communication channel among members, Alumni Management Board and third parties in academic and professional sectors.

Social Events: Focus on the organization of social & cultural events and gatherings to promote the enhancement of relations among members, the facilitation of communication and, above all, the strengthening of the alumni identity and common bond.


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